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AAS’ comprehensive assisted acquisition services enables our clients to successfully implement their agency mission. Our wide set of service offerings uniquely positions us as leaders in acquisition services.

Our projects have a range of dollar values and we have assisted a wide array of government agencies the products and services they need to advance a range of missions with industry expertise, cost savings, and improved efficiency.




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of the Strategic National Stockpile Project (DSNS) provides secure storage space and logistical support for critical repositories of antibiotics, chemical antidotes, antitoxins, life support medications, and medical supplies.


AAS developed a managed services strategy for CDC and, over a period of two years, successfully awarded small business contracts to condition and manage multiple storage sites across the nation. These six contracts were valued at $553M over 10 years, resulting in a total cost savings of more than $34M. If the full period of performance is realized, cost savings to CDC and the taxpayer are estimated at $80M.


Department of Labor Office of the
Chief Financial Officer Financial
Management System


The National Capital Region (NCR) AAS team led and supported the Department of Labor (DOL) Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), as part of GSA’s efforts to promote “good government” – ensuring DOL didn't suffer mission degradation of their New Core Financial Management System (NCFMS).

The NCFMS is DOL OCFO’s tool for all financial management for the entire cabinet-level agency. The industry partner that built and maintained the NCFMS was going bankrupt, which threatened the continued use of the NCFMS. DOL OCFO did not have the upfront capital to purchase the system in its entirety and sought the expertise of GSA to solve this issue.


NCR AAS partnered closely with stakeholders across government, including Departments of Labor, Justice, Transportation, and Treasury as well as the Office of Management and Budget and the Federal Bankruptcy Court. They assured that this financial system and its critical information would be available for DOL’s uninterrupted use, allowing it to process Department financial transactions and maintain smooth business operations during the transition. NCR AAS awarded a firm-fixed price contract to purchase a turnkey financial management system that not only provided mission-critical information and system support, but also saved millions in reprocurement costs.