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What We Do

Information Technology Services

Bringing together leading vendors, IT and acquisition experts, and agency specialists to acquire a range of professional IT services; maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of acquisition while minimizing risk at every stage of the process.

IT Security

Access to innovative cybersecurity products, services, and programs for our customers to help your agency meet federal cybersecurity goals and objectives.

Integrated IT Consulting/Outsourcing

Help identifying and obtaining the experts who can design and develop a single solution for your agency’s software, hardware and service (including training) needs.

Research and Development

AAS is piloting a program with the Small Business Administration to award and manage Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contracts, enabling new technologies to enter both Government and private sector marketplaces.

Facilities Maintenance

Helping agencies obtain facilities maintenance services or management support in the following areas:

  • Facility maintenance, repair and operations
  • Facility security
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Logistics and support services
  • System maintenance and inspection
  • Janitorial services
  • Landscaping services
  • Management of the integrated facility environment

Professional Engineering Services

Providing your agency with access to hundreds of qualified industry partners specializing in such engineering disciplines as software, mechanical, electrical, chemical, (components of) civil engineering, and more.

Financial and Business Services

Helping federal agencies obtain quality financial services – and better results – with fewer resources.

IT Software and Hardware Support

Assistance in procuring the software and hardware products and services your agency needs most.

Logistics Services

Assisting in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions, such as planning, consulting, management, and operational support when deploying supplies, equipment, materials, and personnel.


Providing expertise in identifying, acquiring, and installing mobility, wireless and communications support (e.g., voice, video, internet, and data support).

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services

Providing expert sourcing help with advertising, marketing, and communications solutions.

Language Services

Supporting federal agencies in obtaining translation and interpretation services ‒ from basic transcribing to analytical consulting and training – for a vast number of languages, including sign language.