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Regional Offices

AAS staff are certified contracting, project, and financial management professionals located throughout the United State, Europe, and Asia. To contact your regional office, select the geographic location closest to you from the list below the map.

AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map
AAS Regional Map

Region 1:
New England

Region 1

Boston, MA

Point of Contact
Michael Attachi
(617) 565-2068
New England Website

Region 2:
Northeast & Carribean

Region 2

New York, NY

Point of Contact
Theresa Ramos
(212) 264-2690
Northeast & Carribean Website

Region 3:

Region 3

Philadelphia, PA

Point of Contact
Kari Santoro
(215) 446-5831
Mid-Atlantic Website

Region 4:
Southeast Sunbelt

Region 4

Atlanta, GA

Point of Contact
Kelley Holcombe
(404) 331-0652
Southeast Sunbelt Website

Region 5:
Great Lakes

Region 2

Chicago, IL

Point of Contact
Rodney Couick
(618) 622-5800
Great Lakes Website

Region 6:
The Heartland

Region 6

Kansas City, MO

Point of Contact
Mark Johnson
(816) 823-1681
The Heartland Website

Region 7:
Greater Southwest

Region 7

Fort Worth, TX

Point of Contact
Alan Searsy
(817) 850-8324
Greater Southwest Website

Region 8:
Rocky Mountain

Region 8

Denver, CO

Point of Contact
Sarah Hoffman
(303) 483-3527
Rocky Mountain Website

Region 9:
Pacific Rim

Region 9

San Francisco, CA

Point of Contact
BJ Eldien
(415) 844-9764
Pacific Rim Website

Region 10:
Northwest Arctic

Region 10

Auburn (Seattle), WA

Point of Contact
Kim McFall
(253) 931-7021
Northwest Arctic Website

Region 11:
National Capitol

Region 11

Washington, DC

Point of Contact
Tonya Butler
(571) 970-8221
National Capitol Website



Washington, DC

Point of Contact
Chris Hamm
(571) 723-8325
FEDSIM Website