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Our Acquisition Process

Whether you’re procuring services a la carte or as part of an integrated solution, AAS supports the full spectrum of the acquisition lifecycle, so you can focus less on acquisition management and more on your agency’s core mission activities.

Step 01

Market Research and Acquisition Planning

During Market Research and Acquisition Planning, AAS identifies strategies to guide the entire acquisition process. We collect and analyze information about the capabilities available in the market and identify the most suitable approach to acquiring, distributing, and supporting products and services. To ensure that your agency’s needs are met in the most effective and timely manner, we will:

  • Gather information on the initial need and requirement
  • Prepare documentation to support the determined need and obtain all required approvals
  • Determine an acquisition method
  • Define requirements
  • Ensure a certifying official identifies, reserves and approves funding in a written document
  • Develop an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)
  • Review requirements to ensure compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
  • Identify evaluation factors
  • Determine that the acquisition planning phase is completed and the project is ready to advance to the solicitation phase

Step 02


After Market Research and Acquisition Planning are completed and all required documentation is available and approved, your AAS team will develop the solicitation document. Once the solicitation is released, bids or proposals from prospective industry partners are collected and evaluated for award.

  • Your AAS team works with you to determine the type of solicitation best suited for the requirement, including any small business considerations unique to your requirement. Once the solicitation has been thoroughly reviewed and approved, it is released.
  • After the solicitation is released, prospective industry partners may provide feedback or ask questions through an assigned AAS point of contact.
  • Answers to industry partners’ questions, and clarification or changes/additions to the solicitation are publicized through amendments.
  • Once bids/proposals have been received, they are evaluated.

Step 03

Negotiation and Award

Every action in the earlier stages of the acquisition process shares one underlying goal – to weigh all factors and award a contract representing the best value to the government.

  • AAS conducts negotiations with each industry partner in the competitive range.
  • Each industry partner is given the opportunity to revise or clarify its proposal.
  • The contracting officer closes negotiations.
  • An internal legal review may be conducted.
  • The contracting officer awards the contract representing the best value to the government.
  • Debriefings are held upon request in an effort to minimize potential protests.
  • The contract is now ready to move on to the administration phase of the acquisition process.

Step 04

Post-Award Management

Our support doesn’t stop once the contract is awarded. We take pride in our stellar acquisition quality, and work to minimize risk at every stage – even at contract close. We can provide your agency with invaluable post-award contract management on an ongoing basis, and can even embed staff members on site when needed.

The post-award management phase consists of three areas that AAS can manage on your agency’s behalf: project management, financial management, and contract closeout.

Project Management
  • Track deliverables against the timeline
  • Manage milestones and schedules
  • Perform problem resolution
  • Establish official work plan
  • Monitor the contract and evaluate the vendor’s performance put in place by your AAS team
Financial Management
  • Manage project funding and report to customer
  • Ensure all invoices are reviewed carefully and submitted in a timely fashion for payment according to the agreed upon schedule
  • Accept invoices
  • Prepare receiving reports
  • Process invoices against budget
Contract Closeout
  • Complete performance evaluation
  • Ensure all deliverables are complete
  • De-obligate any remaining funds
  • Comply with all agency closeout guidelines