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Express helps DoD and civilian federal agencies cut through the maze of acquisition procedures by leveraging innovation to reduce procurement administrative lead times (PALTs). Express aligns requirements to acquisition paths with standardized methods, reducing time and cost while delivering consistently high quality acquisitions.

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The Express Model


In the new Express Program, customers use an easy-to-navigate platform comprised of self-service modules that assist agencies with the acquisition process. Express not only supports traditional assisted acquisitions, but also classified contracting throughout the DoD, IC, and Civilian agencies. Our rapid acquisition methodology streamlines the acquisition process, enabling the delivery of your requirements so you can focus on your mission.


Acquisition Express Paths

Path 1 - Express Simplified Acquisition Path: $0 - $SAT
Path 2 - Express Small Business Path: $4M & SBIR (8(a) direct)
Path 3 - Epress Streamlined Competitive Path: $SAT - $5M
Path 4 - Express Competitive Path: $5M - $10M
Path 5 - Express Advance Competitive Path: $10M+
Path 6 - CSO/OTA Innovation Path
Path 7 - Classified/IC Community Path

Client Testimonials

  • "The contracting team worked non-stop to ensure that the contract awards were made on schedule. They were fully engaged in the process and helped to educate our team. Together we achieved significant success for three very important mission partners. We look forward to our continued work together in FY18!"

  • "We appreciate all the hard work and everyone that worked so hard for a successful award."

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